Relocation Services

A successful relocation depends on good teamwork. UTS Relocation Services has just one goal – to Ensure that you feel at home as quickly as possible. Together we see to it that you settle easily into your new surrounding so that you can spend more time with your family and concentrate on your career.  Feeling at home in your new environment is crucial. UTS will gladly help you out, allowing you to invest your time in more valuable matters. For over 25 years have we supported Human Resource departments of many companies, governments and institutions during their international relocations. We offer mobility services worldwide where needed for both leaving and new recruited staff members. As far as UTS is concerned, nothing and nowhere is off limits.
Examples of our support services:
– Picking up you and your family from the airport on arrival;
– Finding appropriate housing;
– Finding a school for the children;
– Assistance with composing contracts at the utility companies;
– Finding proper medical care;
– Interior design consulting for your now home;
– Helping with integration;
– Assistance with insurance related matters;
– Assistance if you plan to move;
– Handyman / maid service.